Strain of Consciousness 

Hey guys! Welcome to Taylor and Lindsay’s podcast world.

Strain of Consciousness is the podcast we decided to start while sitting on the couch, yapping about all of our favorite things (and probably watching Project Runway). We are two gals who have found ourselves in the midst an ever-growing cannabis industry. Although we are heavily influenced by marijuana, we have many other inspirations. Some of our favorites include movies, conspiracy theories, cooking, our 90’s childhoods, and reality TV. We're figuring out this whole website-podcasting process as we go along, so be patient!

Hope To make you laugh, cry, and just get high.

Two brains, one heart.



Taylor - Self proclaimed, most colorful unicorn lady. I can be found by day as a budtender, and by night I am a mother to a wonderful 8 year old.  I am very passionate about cannabis, true crime, and Teen Mom (just to name a few!). I am very open minded and love hearing other's opinions.  


Lindsay - I am a self admitted cynic on just about everything. I like to see all parts of the story before I make a decision, and may be able to provide another point of view on information you THINK you know. I love sports (go Browns), Far Cry (vacations in Hope County), and science. I have been involved in the medical and recreational cannabis industry in WA and OR since 2010.


We make a great duo because we often have different points of view but can still talk about it for hours.




News & Updates



May 14, 2018

"Intensifying your Runner's High with Marijuana"

For those of you who thought being high while working out wasn't going to be productive!